GDS regenerates and makes rollers from POLYAMIDE 11, also known under the name Rilsan. Polyamide is a highly efficient plastic. It is characterized by excellent slide properties, low grindability, high mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Polyamide may work in high working temperatures. As a result, it may effectively replace conventional materials, both due to its effectiveness and for economic reasons. It is used as powder for spray coating of metal surfaces.

- Maximum roller diameter 400mm
- Maximum roller length 1600mm
- Range of hardness – 20-95 oSh

Rilsan's abrasion resistance is:
- 2 times greater than PVC
- 3 times greater than pe
- 7 times greater than EPOXYD
- 500 times greater than furnace varnishes and 250 times more resistant to impact

Rilsan material is also stronger, more durable and modern as compared to well known and popular Teflon.
We also offer a wide range of services in metal treatment, pivot regeneration, grinding of coatings.

We apply the following coatings:
- chrome, from carbide sinters, ceramic and plastic, on carbon steels and stainless steels, cast iron, copper and aluminum alloys.

They are characterized by:
- abrasion resistance at high pressure
- good resistance against metallic friction with or without lubrication.
- good resistance to corrosion, suitable for rough surfaces of gripping devices and drive shafts with high hardness (220÷300HV10 base or carbides 1500HV1) and operating temperature from 400°C to 1200°C.

We also apply the following coatings:
- with high resistance to adhesion and erosion, against metallic friction and corrosion with high corrosive resistance and atmospheric corrosion in high temperatures (~850°C-900°C).
- the coatings we apply are resistant to wear, have low friction factor, high hardness and resistance to abrasion, good electrical insulation, dielectric resistance, and corrosive resistance in acids (1000°C)

The coatings have good flexibility and slide in max. 700°C, are resistant to thermal shock, have good thermal insulation (1200°C).

The coatings are applied in the process of spraying: cold and hot spraying, with an acetylene oxygen device utilizing the most advanced spraying technology solutions. Its modular construction enables spraying of most presently used alloys as well as easy adjustment to new accomplishments in this field.